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ADB over WiFi

A few days ago, I built a device holder to place as many devices as possible on my desk without losing my sanity (

One more step in that direction is solving the charging issue:

N devices, with turned on screen, wifi and gsm data vs Powered USB Hub

Poor USB Hub cannot win against a Nexus 10: that thing sucks more energy than a black hole.

My solution is a plethora of USB chargers and WiFi ADB connection. We just need Android SDK and its ADB. First thing: list the devices

adb devices -l
List of devices attached

With the device list, we can now operate on any particular device. We need to setup the connection port first:

adb -s DEVICE_ID tcpip 5555
Setting up the port

Once the port is properly configured, we can connect to the device. We need to know the device current IP address and we can find it in:

Settings -> Wi-Fi -> Advanced (in toolbar menu)

We can now connect to the device like this:

adb -s DEVICE_ID connect DEVICE_IP

Ready to go! Fire up Android Studio and run your app.

WiFi connected device


If you want to go back to USB ADB, you can reboot your device or use:

adb usb

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