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  • DigitalOcean Droplets killing your npm install? You need more swap!

    Move from 500MB to 1GB with just a few commands: Enjoy.

  • Gerber E.A.B. – Travel-friendly knife… -ish

    I have always liked knives, since I got my first Victorinox when I was kid. The idea of carrying a Swiss Army Knife is so deep in my heart and brain that I can’t imagine myself without a multitool. Let’s be totally honest here. I grew up in the 90s, watching MacGyver pulling off the […]

  • About attitude, personal growth and community

    It’s been quite a long time since I have been writing after a conference I joined as a speaker. Today something clicked and I felt like I had to put my thoughts down while driving back home from MobiConf (no worries, Francesca Bertola is actually driving the car 😂 ). The new opportunity A few […]


    When I joined AsanaRebel, I picked up the project and I started to navigate through the repository, focusing especially on the build.gradle file. Sadly, I had no CI setup to understand how to build the project on one side and, on the other side, I was facing 3 build types and 4 flavors, with not […]

  • Modules, modules everywhere

    I have joined as Senior Android developer at the beginning of February. Asana Rebel is a health and fitness app with workouts for different body and health goals, but all of them are yoga inspired. When I joined, the plan was to increase the team size and raise the code base overall quality, focusing […]

  • Kotlin DSL Gradle files, multiple modules and shared variables

    This doesn’t want to be a real article, but more a crash course about Kotlin DSL for Gradle. The crucial point is the possibility of migrating an existing project to the new Kotlin DSL for Gradle, in an incremental, modularized fashion. Below we have a pretty standard root project build.gradle file: The parts that […]

  • Being alone is not being lonely

    I have started meditating in 2014, thanks to Francesca. I was coming from a very hard year: working in the sport event business is no joke when it comes to stressful environment. However, I was thinking I was doing OK: new year, new job, new city, new work domain. What could possibly go wrong? Well, […]

  • Push vs Pull: air conditioning system

    By Ivan Morgillo, Sasa Sekulic and Fabrizio Chignoli This article has been excerpted from Grokking ReactiveX. After a life of imperative programming, switching to a reactive mindset could seem challenging: “Why should I give up all the control and bend to this <data are in control> thing?” Let’s look at it in an everyday life scenario: […]

  • GDG Geneva — July event

    GDG Geneva is a small GDG, but we try hard 😊 Last Monday we had our July event, and, despite the tremendous heat, spent more than one hour talking about MVP on Android. I prepared a small Android app to demonstrate how we can create an app that fetches data from a backend and shows […]

  • My week at Droidcon Zagreb and App Builders

    Last week was quite intense for me. For the first time I had two conferences in two countries in 3 days. I’m definitely too old for this 😜 Droidcon Zagreb Droidcon Zagreb started like this: The moment they dropped us at the hotel, we got a bag full of gifts and candy! There were plenty of […]