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  • New year, old and new challenges

    2023 ended with me falling in love with Rails again after 15 years. I have always been a huge fan of 37signals. I like their products in a weird way: I have always wanted to use Basecamp, but I always worked for people who used and hated Jira. Then Hey mail came out, and I decided to migrate…

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  • The Power of Flexibility: More Than Just a Mindset

    The Power of Flexibility: More Than Just a Mindset

    In the ever-changing landscape of life and work, adaptability isn’t just a buzzword—it’s a survival skill. As a seasoned software engineer and a human being who’s navigated the ebbs and flows of life, I’ve come to appreciate the profound power of a flexible mindset. It’s the mental yoga that keeps us resilient in the face…

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  • On intermittent fasting

    Lately I’m having a lot of chats about intermittent fasting and I think it’s a good time to write down my whole experience. As I kid I was slim, super slim, a tiny skinny kid. Then puberty hit me like a train and I started to gain weight. I tried to put some training in…

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  • Mic and Cam off by default in Google Meet

    A couple of weeks ago I was in an important company meeting. Everybody was quiet and listening to the CEO, everybody was focused on the slide deck the CEO was presenting and everybody had their mic and cam turned off. Well, everybody, but me 🤦‍♂️ While I was watching the stream, my Google account session…

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  • Open Chrome bookmark in a new tab

    Web bookmarks are part of our tech life since 1993, sort-of. They usually come in a couple of shapes: they live in a menu, or they live in a bar. I’m mostly for the bookmark bar arrangement. Something like this: The usage is simple as a click: you click it, the website opens in the…

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  • Go to first unread message on Telegram Web

    As for millions of users, Telegram is part of my communication toolkit: family, friends, community and some pet projects are connected through this fascinating chat system. When it comes to desktop experience, Telegram offers a couple of options: native app or web app. I’m not a big fan of native apps: things like Slack sucking…

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  • What we have now is not “remote working”, it’s “apart working”

    Today I saw a tweet that resonated a lot with me I could not agree more. The whole COVID-19 lockdown created a weird situation where a lot of companies found themselves suddenly “without offices”. From one day to another, people that had always worked in an office were working from home; CEOs that were used…

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  • Enable Push-to-talk in Google Meet

    In this time of forced remote working due to #coronavirus, a lot of people on Twitter pointed out that during a conference call you should have your microphone OFF by default and only enable it when you want to speak. I have been using Google Meet a lot lately and I can easily use Cmd+D…

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  • Ricetta per Pancake

    Da qualche tempo sto facendo colazione con i Pancake. Sono nutrienti e non hanno ingredienti esoterici come le merendine commerciali. Ingredienti per una persona “affamata” 100g di farina 1 cucchiaio di zucchero 1 cucchiaino di lievito 1 pizzico di sale 1 pizzico di cannella 125ml di latte 1 uovo intero 1 cucchiaio di olio di…

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