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Rainbow Brackets – Android Studio / Intellij IDEA plugins

My first Android course ended a few days ago, but good old habits stay: let’s keep talking about my always-installed Android Studio / Intellij IDEA plugins 😄

One of my favorite programming habit is keeping my functions short and clear. Even with this approach it happens more often than I like that I struggle to see with a glimpse of an eye where a bracket opens or closes.

A few months ago I found Rainbow Brackets 😍 I you are wondering what this plugin does… well… it makes those brackets colorful:

Colorful Kolin snippet

I love it 😍 Who doesn’t love some color in their life!!? 😂 Now, open your IntelliJ IDEA, head to the Plugins screen, look for “rainbow brackets” and make everything colorful 🌈

Happy coding, my friends 😉


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